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Tom Tellepsen Award
The Tom Tellepsen Award is named in honor of the late Tom Tellepsen, a native of Norway, who became a staunch and patriotic American. The Tellepsen Foundation, which was created to honor his lifelong support of law enforcement, provides this award. The Foundation trustees unanimously approved the initial establishment of this award in 1975. The Award consists of a plaque and $2,500 from the Tellepsen family on behalf of the Tellepsen Foundation.

The Tellepsen Award is the highest of tributes to the Sheriff who is selected as its recipient. The selection criterion includes the recognition of outstanding contributions to the advancement of law enforcement and criminal justice and honors more than ability and performance. The recipient, who must possess these qualities, must additionally have demonstrated the human element that engraves his/her name in the hearts of all the law enforcement community, and a genuine love of the profession.

Any Active Member of the Sheriffs' Association of Texas may submit, in writing, the nomination of a Sheriff to receive the Tom Tellepsen Award. Please state the qualifications of the person nominated and a record of professional and civic service to the community.

Law Enforcement Officer of the Year/ Greg McFarlin-Max Banks Award
The Greg McFarlin-Max Banks Award was instituted at the close of the 1985 Annual Training Conference to recognize an outstanding law enforcement officer in the State of Texas. The Award was established in memory of Greg McFarlin, son of the late Sheriff R.L. McFarlin, Jr. and Kaye McFarlin, who died at the age of 9-1/2, due to an unfortunate accident. Greg had already discussed with his parents his desire to be a lawman. Needless to say, this boy's interest in law enforcement had always been his life.

The late Max Banks was a successful oilman in Spearman and a very loyal supporter of law enforcement. The Award is also named for Mr. Banks because of a donation he made to the Sheriffs' Association of Texas for outstanding investigative work done by Sheriff McFarlin.

The Annual Award includes a pistol and a plaque. The recipient must have outstanding work accomplishments and have given significant service rendered above and beyond the call of duty during the previous year.

Nominations for the Greg McFarlin-Max Banks Award must be in writing. Please state all the reasons why the nominee is deserving of this award, along with any supporting applicable data.

Texas Peacemaker Award
The Texas Peacemaker award was established to honor a law enforcement professional that has exemplified, over their lifetime of public service, an extraordinary dedication to the public good and community which they have served and whose approach to law enforcement has been not only to maintain order-but bring justice. In support of the common good, the recipient must have endeavored to bring out the best in people, to recognize the dignity of others, to serve as role model and mentor for the younger generation of law enforcement officers, to go beyond being a lawman, and to unite as well as protect.

This award was established in honor of the late Tieman H. Dippel, who served as Sheriff of Washington County from November 5, 1940 - January 1, 1961, and is funded by Brenham National Bank. The award consists of an engraved plaque, State Resolution and two $500 scholarships given by SAT in the recipient's name.

Nominations for the Texas Peacemaker Award must be in writing. Please state all the qualifications of the person nominated as well as all supporting applicable data.


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