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A Cold Case Review Team meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, April 12th; Wednesday, April 13th; and Thursday, April 14th in Austin.

This team was established in 1985 by the Sheriffs' Association of Texas to provide assistance to Law Enforcement agencies on unsolved sex crimes and homicide cases, including “COLD CASES”. Assistance has been provided on more than 225 homicides and numerous sexual assault cases since its inception.

The team meets four (4) times each year in Austin. Any police agency may request assistance by contacting the chairman. There is no charge to police agencies. The agency responsible for conducting the investigation must be the agency requesting the assistance of the committee. All case material brought to the committee will be returned to the case investigator upon completion of the review process.

Neither SAT nor the committee is interested in credit or news media publicity as a result of the review.

For additional information or to set up a time for a presentation, contact:
Johnson County Sheriff Bob Alford at 817 774 5539 (cell) or Alice Hoban at 817 556 6058 ext 222.

Call today to reserve a slot!